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Signature Media Campaign

Be a “Voice for the Voiceless” and join with us in the
Signature and Media Campaign

History of the Campaign

January 22 marks the tragic anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the day in 1973 that the United States Supreme Court made it legal to kill an unborn child.  It has become a tradition every January to remind our community that there are many Americans who have not accepted this court decision.  In the past, Right to Life chapters across the country sponsored educational signature ads in local newspapers to spread the message of the dignity and value of each God-given life.   However, newspapers have long since lost their prominence in the ability to promote news and advertising.   While signatures are still being collected to give to our legislators, the primary focus of the “Voice for the Voiceless” campaign is on alternative forms of media, such as billboards, internet, television, radio, and mobile phone applications.

As Right to Life continues to amplify the pro-life message, Americans are turning to life.  Only a few short years ago only 43% of Americans considered themselves pro-life.  As of 2012, more than 63% of Americans now proudly call themselves pro-life.  For the first time since abortion was legalized, we now have a pro-life majority in America.

We are thankful that the number of abortions performed in our area has slowly decreased over the years, however, the fact remains that there are still innocent lives being lost to the tragedy of abortion.  We need to keep up the signature and media campaign so our legislators and lawmakers will realize that the evil of abortion must stop.

In 2010, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, in conjunction with several other pro-life organizations, started a billboard campaign in the Akron, Ohio area.  Instead of advertising pro-life messages or trying to gather up support for the Right to Life organization and causes, we instead decided to use media dollars where it would be most effective…..trying to change the hearts and minds of those women who are considering an abortion.   After much research, a billboard was designed to get the attention of those women.  Right to Life of Northeast Ohio coordinated this campaign with all the area crisis pregnancy centers to work in conjunction with Option Line.  Women who saw the billboards were connected to a highly trained counselor who could get them an appointment for a pregnancy test and an ultrasound at a local crisis pregnancy center.    Women who have an ultrasound screening prior to an abortion and see the baby’s heartbeat are 90% less likely to go through the abortion procedure.    Access to ultrasounds greatly increases the number of lives saved.

This type of advertising goes directly to the source….attempting to save lives by changing the hearts and minds of the mothers.  It is highly effective and can be used to directly impact abortion rates.  Since the inception of this campaign, the media has expanded to include the internet (the number 1 choice for most pregnant women seeking an abortion), advertisements on public transportation, television and radio advertisements, and mobile phone applications.  All the media (including internet and television) is aimed directly at those in crisis pregnancies, and directs them to trained counselors and an ultrasound.

This campaign has been hugely successful!   In order to continue saving lives, and not wait until laws against abortion are enacted, we need to keep this campaign going.  Please….take part in this extremely important effort to save the lives of innocent human beings NOW!

How can you get involved with this campaign?

Many churches, schools or other organizations will be conducting the Signature and Media Campaign in January near the Roe v Wade anniversary or on Sanctity of Life Sunday (usually the 3rd Sunday in January).  However, any time of year can be designated to conduct the campaign since many of the elements are accessible by abortion-minded individuals year round.   Ask your pastor or pro-life coordinator if your church, school or organization will be conducting the Signature and Media Campaign.  If they have not been contacted by our office with campaign details, please give us a call at 330-762-2785 and we will be happy to speak with them to get the campaign going.

If you would like to take part or contribute to this campaign individually, you can do so in a couple of ways.

1.  Send a donation to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, indicating “Signature Media Campaign” on the memo of your check.

2. CLICK HERE for a signature sheet to share with friends, family or co-workers to collect donations.

The greater the number of donations, the more visibility we will have, and the more lives that will be saved!

If you are a church or organization pro-life director, you can download printable campaign documents below.  Just click on the document name:

Campaign Information Flyer

Director’s Report Form

Signature Petition Form

Bulletin/Pulpit Announcements

Directors Instructions

Letter to Pastors

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