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There is a battle occurring in northeast Ohio right now. Brave soldiers are needed to step up to the front lines and bring Christ’s presence to those who are dangerously close to having an abortion, and to stand as witnesses to the community that while abortion may be legal, it is definitely not right! Up to now, you may have been involved with several other Right to Life activities, such as writing letters or attending dinners. However, while we appreciate your participation in these areas, we must also focus our efforts on praying at the abortion centers. You or your group can make a great difference right now. By spending just an hour a month being a witness by praying and side-walk counseling, you can save countless lives.

You are free to go and witness on your own at any time; however, by joining the Cloud of Witnesses and adopting one hour per month, we can help to assure that someone is at the facilities all the time.  We have a powerful effect on the abortion centers, on Planned Parenthood and on our communities.  We need your presence to continue the momentum!

The following are some frequently asked questions and answers about sidewalk counseling or witnesses, courtesy of the ProLife Action League:

Know Your Rights as a Sidewalk Counselor

Many pro-lifers are unaware of precisely what their rights are to sidewalk counsel outside abortion facilities. Here we answer some of the most common questions about those rights:

 1. Is sidewalk counseling a constitutional right? YES. The First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution protects the “freedom of speech.” The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that peaceful communication—such as spoken words, display of signs and leafleting—are all protected forms of free speech, especially in public places like sidewalks and parks.

2. What if somebody tells me to “shut up” or to go away? The right to free speech in public places does not depend upon the consent of the listeners. The Supreme Court has consistently ruled that speech cannot be censored simply because the speaker’s message irritates or offends a listener. In fact, the Supreme court has even mentioned the phrase, “Abortion is Murder,” as an example of free speech. (Note: We don’t recommend using that phrase as you approach an abortion-bound woman. It is intended to illustrate the extent of our rights.)

3. Does the FACE bill outlaw sidewalk counseling? No. The 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act does not prohibit sidewalk counseling. FACE makes it a federal offense when someone “by force or threat of force or by physical obstruction, intentionally injures, intimidates or interferes with” any person because that person is “obtaining or providing reproductive health services.” FACE specifically exempts “any expressive conduct (including peaceful picketing or other peaceful demonstration protected by the First Amendment.” A sidewalk counselor who uses neither force, nor threats of force, nor physical obstruction, does not violate FACE.

4. Is it “mean” to witness outside an abortion clinic? This question was asked of David Bereit, the director of 40 Days For Life by a person who felt that by witnessing outside a clinic, a woman that has already made up her mind and maybe in despair will become hurt even worse by seeing those standing witness. His answer:

“Our intent ….. is to bring the truth, love, forgiveness, and hope of Christ to the abortion clinic…which is so full of despair, anger and deceit. We do this because we have FAITH that when we stand there, as Christians, that the Holy Spirit is REALLY present in that place, and we TRUST HIM to do HIS work on the hearts of the women going in to the clinic, and on the hearts of the family members who are with them, and on the hearts of the passersby. So our intention is not to cause pain to these poor women, our intention is to help them and hope that through our physical witness the Holy Spirit will bring good from evil…even when they go ahead with the abortion. Sometimes one has to hurt before the healing can start….. If we think our presence there won’t do any good, then we really don’t believe that God is at work through us…and if that is the case, then it IS mean. So, I invite everyone who has FAITH to come and participate in the vigil! This is only for the faith-filled Christian!”


Click Here to download a Cloud of Witnesses Brochure

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Right to Life of Northeast Ohio is a non profit organization and has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available. The following are some of the activities or volunteer positions that we always need help with:

Event Volunteers for:

  • Media Campaign
  • March For Life
  • Raffle For Life
  • Education and Appreciation Dinner
  • Mother’s Day Flowers For Life
  • Walk For Life
  • 5K RUN for their LIVES
  • Golf For Life
  • Celebrate Life Dinner and Auction
  • Youth Oratory Contest
  • 40 Days For Life
  • Life Chain
  • Membership Programs
  • and many more!

Office Volunteers for:

  • Data entry
  • General office help
  • Help with coordination of large mailings
If you are willing to become a Right to Life of Northeast Ohio volunteer, call our office at 330‐762‐2785, or scroll to the bottom right of this page and fill out the contact form.

CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.

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If volunteering to work with youth, please read the RTLNEO Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth by clicking here.

Get Involved With These Programs
Our focus in programming is to be a resource for pro-life groups throughout the area to participate in activities in unison with other churches and pro-life groups in promoting the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death. These programs are non-denominational and are intended to enhance and not replace any church’s or pro-life group’s course of action. We invite you to join us by participating in our programming throughout the year. If you are a church or pro-life group looking for ways to do pro-life activities to spread the word of a positive culture of life, give us a call to see how you can participate with us in our year-round program of pro-life activities.




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Host a Speaker
In 1973, the U.S Supreme Court took away the power of the states to make abortion illegal, and then restored that power in June, 2022 with the Dobbs v Jackson Whole Women’s Health decision. Several states have codified abortion in their constitutions, and many others are working to make it illegal through various legal processes. In 1997, the state of Oregon legalized assisted suicide. Since then, several hundred persons have committed suicide with drugs prescribed by a physician. Many scientists wish to produce and then kill human embryos to obtain their stem cells for research.  
Right to Life believes that there are better, more life-enhancing ways to solve personal, social and medical problems than those reflected in the above policies. We would appreciate the opportunity to present our point of view to your organization. Our trained speakers can present the moral, legal, medical and social aspects of abortion, euthanasia/assisted suicide and cloning/stem cell research. We speak in schools, colleges, churches and before social and civic groups. We also appear on radio and television. Our speakers are trained volunteers who do not charge a fee. Donations to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio will be gratefully accepted, however.
Some of the topics we address include the following:
Right to Life: Who We Are and What We Do
Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio: Who We Are and What We Do
Building a Culture of Life
Roe vs. Wade: A Bad Decision Yields Terrible Consequences
African Americans and Abortion
Legal Abortion Harms Women
Life In The Womb: Fetal Development and Activity
Pro-Choice Slogans: A Critique
Public Opinion and Abortion
Health Care Reform and Abortion
Cloning and Stem Cells: What Are They?
Stem Cell Research: Controversial and Non-Controversial
History of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the U.S.
Health Care Reform: Are Death Panels and Rationing a Myth?
We would be happy to discuss the specifics of our talk with you before our presentation. In addition to the presentation,we also have a number of audio and video tapes that we can bring, or that you can borrow for your own use. There is a $5.00 deposit for off site use of any audio-visual materials that you wish to borrow. A partial list of audio-visual materials available by topics includes:


“Baby Steps” DVD Ultrasound Imagery of Life in the Womb American Life League 5 minutes
“The Biology of Prenatal Development” DVD National Geographic Society 42 minutes
“Eyewitness 2” DVD Ultrasound images and Soundwave Images 30 minutes
“How Babies Grow” Videotape Dr & Mrs. Jack Willke 15 minutes
“Preview of a Birth” Videotape Human Development Resource Council 15 minutes
“Ultrasound: Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life” Videotape Images 11 minutes


“The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link” DVD Dr. Angela Lanfranchi & Dr. Joes Brind 27 minutes
“Abortion Questions and Answers” Videotape Dr. & Mrs. Jack Willke 3 30 minute tapes
“An Inside View of the Abortion Industry” Videotape Carol Everett 55 minutes
“Maafa 21: African Americans & Abortion” DVD Life Dynamics 2hrs 20 minutes
“The Silent Scream” Videotape Dr. Bernard Nathanson 28 minutes
“Your Crisis Pregnancy” Videotape American Portrait Films 26 minutes


“The Human Experiment: Understanding Stem Cells and Cloning” Videotape 27 minutes


“The Terry Schiavo Story” DVD Franklin Springs Family Media 30 minutes
“Turning the Tide: Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia” DVD Star+Light Television 30 minutes
“Death as a Salesman: What’s Wrong With Assisted Suicide?” Videotape Brian Johnston 25 minutes

The items listed above are just a small sample of our inventory which also includes a large selection of books.  Please feel free to stop by our office to view the library.

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