cemetery2.jpgRight to Life of Northeast Ohio has a spiritual adoption program as part of the "Crosses for Life" cemetery of the innocents. 

The spiritual adoption component of the program is meant to give names and faces to the innocent lives who are represented by the crosses in the Cemetery of the Innocents display.   For more information about the  Crosses for Life program  CLICK HERE, or call our office at 330-762-2785.






There is also a very good spiritual adoption program available through SpiritualAdoption.org.  Participants in the spiritual adoption program pledge to pray daily for nine months for a baby in danger of abortion.  This is a great program for schools and churches to educate and encourage students and parishioners about the development of a pre-born child.  The program is designed to assist new mothers by donation of baby items when the program is over.  For information and all materials on this program, CLICK HERE.

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