Speaker's Bureau and Reference Materials

In 1973, the U.S Supreme Court made abortion legal throughout the nine months of pregnancy for virtually any reason. Between 1973 and December 2008, a daily average of 3,774 legal abortions were performed in our country to the physical and psychological detriment of women.
In 1997, the state of Oregon legalized assisted suicide. Since then, more than 401 persons have committed suicide with drugs prescribed by a physician.

Many scientists wish to produce and then kill human embryos to obtain their stem cells for research.  Right to Life believes that there are better, more life-enhancing ways to solve personal, social and medical problems than those reflected in the above policies. We would appreciate the opportunity to present our point of view to your organization. Our trained speakers can present the moral, legal, medical and social aspects of abortion, euthanasia/assisted suicide and cloning/stem cell research. We speak in schools, colleges, churches and before social and civic groups. We also appear on radio and television. Our speakers are trained volunteers who do not charge a fee. Donations to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio will be gratefully accepted, however.

Some of the topics we address include the following:
Right to Life: Who We Are and What We Do
Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio: Who We Are and What We Do
Building a Culture of Life
Roe vs. Wade: A Bad Decision Yields Terrible Consequences
African Americans and Abortion
Legal Abortion Harms Women
Life In The Womb: Fetal Development and Activity
Pro-Choice Slogans: A Critique
Public Opinion and Abortion
Health Care Reform and Abortion
Cloning and Stem Cells: What Are They?
Stem Cell Research: Controversial and Non-Controversial
History of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the U.S.
Health Care Reform: Are Death Panels and Rationing a Myth?
We would be happy to discuss the specifics of our talk with you before our presentation. In addition to the presentation,we also have a number of audio and video tapes that we can bring, or that you can borrow for your own use. There is a $5.00 deposit for off site use of any audio-visual materials that you wish to borrow. A partial list of audio-visual materials available by topics includes:


"Baby Steps" DVD Ultrasound Imagery of Life in the Womb American Life League 5 minutes
“The Biology of Prenatal Development” DVD National Geographic Society 42 minutes
“Eyewitness 2” DVD Ultrasound images and Soundwave Images 30 minutes
“How Babies Grow” Videotape Dr & Mrs. Jack Willke 15 minutes
“Preview of a Birth” Videotape Human Development Resource Council 15 minutes
“Ultrasound: Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life” Videotape Images 11 minutes


"The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link" DVD Dr. Angela Lanfranchi & Dr. Joes Brind 27 minutes
“Abortion Questions and Answers” Videotape Dr. & Mrs. Jack Willke 3 30 minute tapes
“An Inside View of the Abortion Industry” Videotape Carol Everett 55 minutes
“Maafa 21: African Americans & Abortion” DVD Life Dynamics 2hrs 20 minutes
“The Silent Scream” Videotape Dr. Bernard Nathanson 28 minutes
“Your Crisis Pregnancy” Videotape American Portrait Films 26 minutes


“The Human Experiment: Understanding Stem Cells and Cloning” Videotape 27 minutes


“The Terry Schiavo Story” DVD Franklin Springs Family Media 30 minutes
“Turning the Tide: Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia” DVD Star+Light Television 30 minutes
"Death as a Salesman: What's Wrong With Assisted Suicide?" Videotape Brian Johnston 25 minutes

The items listed above are just a small sample of our inventory which also includes a large selection of books.  Please feel free to stop by our office to view the library.

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