It's been in the news that the popular ALS ice bucket challenge is against pro-life principles since the ALS Foundation uses embryonic stem cells in its research to find a cure.  For those of you not familiar with this, embryonic stem cells result from the in vitro fertilization of a human egg with sperm to create a new human life only to destroy it to use in research.  We were delighted to receive this video from a pro-life advocate as he puts a twist on the ice bucket challenge and asks for donations to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio so we can continue fighting to save all innocent human life, especially those lives created just to destroy them for the purposes of embryonic stem cell research. 

THANK YOU Mark for the video, the donation, and for calling out others to do the same!  To make a donation, visit our secure website donation page by CLICKING HERE, or call our office at 330-762-2785  If you do the pro-life ice bucket challenge and call out others, give them our contact information and send us your video for us to post!

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