Annually, on the first Sunday in October, LIFE CHAIN invites pro-life advocates in cities and towns across North America to stand on a designated local sidewalk and pray for 90 minutes, while holding peaceful, pro-life signs.  This is the 29th year of the National Life Chain.  We invite you to join us as Right to Life of Northeast Ohio sponsors Life Chains in the following locations:

 Location #1  Akron (Summit County): 

Saturday, October 1, 2016    11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Route starts at the Akron Women's Medical Group abortion facility on East Market Street, extends west to South Main Street, goes south on South Main Street, then west on West Exchange Street and ends at Planned Parenthood.


 Location #2   Ravenna (Portage County): 

Sunday, October 2, 2016    2:30 - 3:30pm

Rt 59 (Main St) at Chestnut St, in front of the Court House

(for locations of Life Chains held by churches or other organizations outside of Summit and Portage Counties, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Akron details:
Join us in the Life Chain that starts at the Akron Women's Medical Group on E. Market street, extend west down Market to Main St., then south on Main Street through downtown Akron, and then west on Exchange Street ending at Planned Parenthood.  We peacefully stand vigil and pray for only 1 1/2 hours!



Below are the route assignments with approximate footages for each section.  


South side of East Market Street
Section 1 Carroll to Buchtel 500 ft. includes abortion facility, dry cleaners, Taco Bell
Section 2 Buchtel to Adams 700 ft. across from Wendy's; includes CVS pharmacy
Section 3 Adams to Spruce 400 ft. includes McDonald's and medical building
Section 4 Spruce to Franklin 250 ft. across from Akron City Hospital
Section 5 Franklin to Fountain 400 ft. across from Akron City Hospital parking deck
Section 6 Fountain to Chapel Dr 300 ft over the expressway bridge
Section 7 Chapel Drive to Forge 350 ft. includes Universal Nurse Services and Children's Medical Group
Section 8 Forge to Union 400 ft. includes UofA Ballet studio (former church) and BP station
Section 9 Union to College 450 ft. across from Speedway Gas
Section 10 College to Prospect 550 ft. includes Select Specialty Hospital 
Section 11 Prospect to Summit 450 ft. includes Mayer Studios; across from Haven of Rest
Section 12 Summit to Broadway 250 ft. across from Akron Pregnancy Services
Section 13 Broadway to High 350 ft. includes Akron Art Museum
Section 14 High to South Main 350 ft. across from 3 Point restaurant



West side of South Main Street
Section 15 Market to library crosswalk 350 ft. includes federal courthouse
Section 16 library crosswalk to Mill 325 ft. across from Akron Public Library
Section 17 Mill to Bowery 400 ft. includes First Merit Bank; PNC Bank
Section 18 Bowery to Lock 3 stairs 400 ft. includes Akron Savings building; Akron Civic Theatre
Section 19 Lock 3 stairs to State 350 ft. includes Barley House
Section 20 State to Buchtel 400 ft. includes about 2/3 of Akron Rubber Ducks stadium frontage
Section 21 Buchtel to W. Exchange 350 ft. includes balance of stadium frontage; Cilantro restaurant; Bricco restaurant



















South side of West Exchange
Section 22 South Main to Water 600 ft. includes bridge over towpath
Section 23 Water to Bowery 350 ft. includes Akron Movers
Section 24 Bower to Locust 350 ft. across from Children's Hospital
Section 25 Locust to Pine 250 ft. across from Children's Hospital
Section 26 Pine to Akron General Avenue 400 ft. includes Akron Nephrology
Section 27 Akron General Avenue to Dart 200 ft.  
Section 28 Dart to Rand 300 ft. under Martin Luther King expressway
Section 29 Rand to Bishop 300 ft. includes Center for Urologic Help; across from Yanke Bionics
Section 30 Bishop to 364 W. Exchange 300 ft. includes car wash, aquarium store
Section 31 364 W. Exchange to Bonnie Brae 300 ft. includes January's Paint & Wallpaper
Section 32 Bonnie Brae to Abest Restaurant Supply 300 ft. includes Apex Electric & Abest Supply
Section 33 Abest to Bell 400 ft. includes Planned Parenthood

Churches, schools, individual groups and more are signing up to adopt a block on this route to fill with participants.  Call us NOW to fill up a block!  Let's make this a testament to our community that we stand together for life!!!

Ravenna details:
Join us in the Life Chain that forms on W. Main Street near Chestnut in front of Memorial Park which is in front of the Portage County Courthouse  We peacefully stand vigil and pray for only 1 hour!





Right to Life of Northeast Ohio can lend 10 signs for each section in Akron, or they can be ordered by you directly them through the national Life Chain organization at $.47 each by clicking here. You can also make them yourself.  The images below are representations of the peaceful messages that should be held for the Life Chain.  If you have other peaceful and non-graphic signs, please feel free to use them as well.  Check the "Code of Conduct" in the documents section below for more information.  If you wish to borrow signs for a section that you are sponsoring, you can pick them up in advance of the date by giving us a call.   All Akron participants should return their signs to our office immediately after the life chain on Saturday.   Our office will be bringing signs to the Ravenna life chain for everyone's use on Sunday, and we will collect those immediately afterward.



If your church or group plans to participate and you have not yet registered, please call our office at 330-762-2785 or e-mail our executive director at  


Life Chain Documents
(Click on the document name to view or print):

Letter to Church Pastors   (for Akron Life Chain)

Letter to Church Pastors   (for Ravenna Life Chain)

Sample Bulletin Announcements   (for Akron Life Chain)

Sample Bulletin Announcements   (for Ravenna Life Chain)

Registration Form    (for Akron Life Chain)

Registration Form   (for Ravenna Life Chain)

Flyer  (for Akron Life Chain)

Flyer  (for Ravenna Life Chain)

Sign Up Here

Sign Up Sheet

7 Reasons Why Christians Should Participate in Life Chain

Life Chain Code of Conduct

Order Form to Purchase Signs






We will be posting other area life chains as we receive the information. 




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