In Memory Of:


       Donation_Card_IN_MEMORY_OF.jpgWhile it sounds like this type of donation should be for a gift when someone passes away (which is perfectly okay), a donation in memory of someone can actually be given on any occasion particularly if the recipient was very close to the person that has passed away.   The gift is a loving reminder of the deceased to honor the sanctity of their life.  This is also a wonderful way to honor the deceased on the anniversary of their passing.   By making a donation in the name of the deceased, you are letting the recipient know that the life of their deceased loved one goes on by helping to protect the innocent lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.

       When you make a donation in memory of someone, we will send a card (sample pictured at right) to the recipient with both the name of the deceased person and your name on the card.   We will keep the amount of the donation private.   CLICK HERE to print an order form, or call our office at 330-762-2785.

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