Here I Am


    pink_background.jpg  The “Here I Am” program is designed to be a pro-active way to raise funds or contributions, while at the same time providing education about the incredible progression of a child’s life in its mother’s womb.  Designed to follow a normal pregnancy in 9 weeks instead of nine months, the culmination of the program ends with a “baby shower”, donations of baby products, or other positive activity with which to benefit a local pregnancy center and  Right to Life.

       This program works best in churches or organizations which have a weekly bulletin or newsletter in which you can put an insert.  We provide with an editable master version of the 10 inserts.  The first insert deals with life at conception, and each consecutive insert deals with months one through nine  of a pregnancy.  The first insert also will state the end goal of the program.  Some suggestions besides the obvious educational goal:

  1. Host a baby shower (around the date of the last insert) at which everyone brings a gift for a pregnancy center, and perhaps have a member of the center there to unwrap the gifts.  Active participation in an event such as this also helps to boost awareness and membership.  A sample shower invitation follows this program description if you’d like to do invitations.
  2. If a baby shower is not possible, perhaps have parishioners/members bring in a baby gift for a pregnancy center on the date of the last insert and have an area set up where the drop off can be made.  In this case, gifts need not be wrapped.
  3. For those who do not wish to purchase gifts, donations can be made to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio.  A sample of the donation form follows this program description. 

       A good time to conduct the “Here I Am” program is to begin it in February, and have it end around Mother’s Day.  You can adjust the start time of the program depending on the date you have available to do a baby shower.  

       Bulletin announcements, flyers, press releases and more are available.  For assistance, call our office at 330-762-2785.







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