Golf For Life


         golf.jpgGolf  is one the most popular games among all sports to raise money for charity. This is because golf can be played by all ages and ability levels and by both men and women.   This simple fact provides more opportunities for charitable organizations to raise money since the number of potential participants is greater.  Most people play in a charity golf tournament because they see it as an easy and fun way to support a cause in which they believe.   People also play in charity tournaments because it's one way in which they can play private or high-end resort courses without being members. 

        The “Golf for Life” tournament has become an important annual fundraiser simply because people are more apt to donate dollars when they are having fun, and when the cause is important and legitimate.   Large fundraisers are critical to Right to Life because the funds raised allow us to continue with our goal of advancing the issues of the culture of life.

         Research has shown that people are loyal and more apt to do business with others who share in their beliefs and core values.   The “Golf For Life” tournament is a great way for businesses and organizations to advertise by becoming a sponsor for the event.  It is easier to get sponsors for events when there is a personal contact from someone familiar with the potential sponsor.  You, your church or organization can help by either becoming sponsors, or  approaching those who support the value of human life and would consider becoming an event sponsor.  A range of opportunities are available starting at being a hole sponsor all the way to being an event sponsor.  Each opportunity comes with various benefits such as signage or team participation.  More information becomes available about these opportunities each spring.  If your church group or organization would like to sponsor or help obtain sponsors, please give us a 330-762-2785.






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