Every year, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio holds a “Flowers For Life” fundraiser.  The flowers are sold after church services on Mother’s Day for purchasers to say “Thank you for the gift of life!” to wives, moms, grandmas, godmothers,  loving friends or more. Purchasers can buy either single carnations, or carnation bouquets.  Some church groups buy all the flowers outright and hand them out to all the women in church.  In either case, proceeds from the sale of these beautiful flowers support Right To Life of Northeast Ohio’s continuing efforts to promote the  sanctity of human life from conception through natural death.

If you would like your church or group to participate in the flower sale, you must:

1. Obtain permission from your pastor for this event at least one month ahead of time.

2. Contact the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio at 330-762-2785 as soon as you have approval to request sign up/order forms.  Those churches who participated in the flower sale in previous years will automatically receive the order forms.     Most years, the flower order is due by the middle of April.

3. Recruit volunteers to sell or pass out the flowers at your church after services.  If your church has more than one entrance, you should plan on setting up tables to sell at all the entrances.  There should be at least two or three volunteers at each table selling the flowers.  If your church has several services, recruit separate volunteers for each service.   Since this sale will be held on Mother’s Day, contact your church’s men’s service groups (Holy Name Society, Knights of Columbus, Men’s Prayer Group, etc.) to see if they would like to sponsor this event.K_of_C_Carnation_Sale_2006_005_for_website.jpg

4. Follow the instructions on the order sheet to order your flowers, paying careful attention to the order deadline date (usually about 3 weeks prior to Mother’s Day).

5. Arrange for someone in your group to pick up the flowers on the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day.  Location of pickup is on your order form.

6. After the sale, complete a coordinator’s report form.  Arrange for someone to return the form with the sale proceeds, any unsold flowers, and all empty flower buckets to the pickup location on Mother’s Day at the times indicated on your order form.

This activity is a simple and beautiful way to show love and respect for mothers and for life!  All forms, letters, signs, etc., will be provided in downloadable form for all churches and groups who participate in the flower sale.  









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