Smaller non-profit organizations like Right to Life of Northeast Ohio that do not have a PAC (Political Action Committee) are limited in what they can do to influence elections.  The biggest limitation is that we cannot endorse candidates, contribute funds to candidates, or use our organization resources or staff time for candidate election activities.  What we CAN do is support or endorse ballot measures or legislation, and we can educate the public about candidates’ positions on issues which concern us as long as we have available the same information on all candidates concerning the same issues, and as long as we don’t cast candidates in a favorable or unfavorable light.  We are also free to criticize public officials who we feel are detrimental to our issues—even if the official is a candidate—if this is something we do in the same manner in non-election years.

       In addition to the above, we will not be promoting endorsement information from any pro-life group’s PAC (eg: Ohio Right To Life, National Right to Life, SBA List, etc.) because some of these organizations have endorsed individuals who proclaim to be pro-life, but who have exceptions for rape, incest or fetal anomalies. 

       We will have available to us most of the state and national candidates positions regarding life issues and can share that information with you if you are questioning a candidate’s pro-life views.   In addition, several credible organizations (eg: Ohio Christian Alliance) will be issuing candidate comparison pieces rather than endorsements. Scroll down further for links to these comparison pieces.

      Most importantly, make sure you vote, and get informed to VOTE PRO-LIFE!!!!  


Helpful Information: Comparing Party Platforms

      As we’ve stated before, we can’t advocate for or against a political party or candidate, but what we can do is to educate everyone on where the parties stand on the life issues. 








To get a printable version of the Citizens for Community Values presidential comparison piece pictured above, click here.



To open and view a printable version of the Ohio Christian Alliance candidate comparison guide pictured above, click here.



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