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3-16-15     ACTION ALERT:  New Abortion Locations!

3-11-15     Unfair, but true!

2-27-15     Dangerous "health care" in Akron

2-13-15     Evil is evil

2-6-15      Come join us as we "Celebrate Life!"

2-2-15       A congressional flip-flop?

Commentary:   Response to Congressman Tim Ryan switch to supporting abortion

1-27-15     Are you reactive....or PRO-active?

1-21-15     RTLNEO on the radio TONIGHT

1-20-15     The Gospel of LIFE

1-13-15      ACTION ALERT:  Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

1-11-15      ACTION ALERT:  March for Life in Cleveland

1-7-15        Top Ten List for 2015

Commentary:   The Truth Behind the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

12-23-14     And the Word was made flesh....

12-16-14    A Blessing In Disguise

12-02-14    Helping The circle of Life

11-26-14    Pro-Life Turkey Talk…Really!

11-16-14    We’re Sending Out an SOS!

11-06-14    1+1=2…It’s not rocket science!

11-03-14    Action Alert:  It’s Up to You!

10-31-14   Ghosts, Goblins and Spiders, OH MY!!!

10-25-14   What if….?

10-18-14   Northeast Ohio Ebola Connection to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio

10-10-14   What are they THINKING?!!!!

9-25-14     Will you show up….for LIFE?

9-21-14     And now, a word from our sponsor….

9-16-14    Can we lose the battle for life?

9-8-14      Embellishing the Truth

8-28-14    I’m throwing down the gauntlet!

8-27-14    Can I get a witness….PLEASE?!

8-25-14    LeBron James and the palace guards

8-16-14    Do you know who your neighbors are?

8-8-14     Burning the candle at both ends…

8-1-14     Cuyahoga Falls Abortion Facility License Denied

7-31-14   Let’s go SLED riding!

7-21-14   How does YOUR garden grow?

7-15-14   ACTION ALERT:  Pro Abortion Legislation in U.S. Senate

7-11-14   Stupid is as stupid does…

7-3-14     The price of freedom…

7-1-14     Breaking News:  Full Autopsy Report Revealed

6-29-14   In the words of Robert Frost….

6-20-14   Comparing apples to oranges…

6-14-14   Happy Father’s Day!

6-9-14     ACTION ALERT:  We need you Tuesday!!!!

6-6-14    Solving a crisis…

5-30-14  What’s in YOUR wallet?

5-21-14  What would YOU do?!

5-9-14    It’s all in the spelling..

5-5-14    ACTION ALERT:  Who’s on first?

5-2-14    Who’s in charge?

4-28-14   Law and Order

4-24-14   ACTION ALERT:  Stand up to Planned Parenthood!

4-18-14   LIFE rises….

4-15-14   Are YOU afraid?!!!

4-3-14    Abortionists:  no regarding or living OR dead!

Commentary:  Did The Lights Go Out in Georgia?

4-1-14    ACTION ALERT:  Ohio Abortion Death Victim Identified

3-28-14  Dumb and dumber live on!

3-27-14   Are you pro-life….or just anti-abortion?

3-18-14   Lessons Learned from Ocean’s Eleven

2-14-14   Misguided love?

2-11-14   ALERT:  Special meeting tonight with Marco Rubio

2-7-14     Am I my brother’s keeper?

1-31-14   TRUST me!!!!

1-28-14   ACTION ALERT:  House may vote TODAY!


1-17-14   It depends on the meaning of the word “is”?

1-11-14   ACTION ALERT:  Cuyahoga Falls Abortion Clinic!

1-2-14     KILL THE ANIMALS!
















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