I received an e-mail through the Protest PP website which directed it to me as a request for information about a local protest against Planned Parenthood in connection with nationwide protests on February 11, 2017.   When I opened the e-mail, however, I quickly discovered it was a group e-mail from a Planned Parenthood supporter to many of those holding the protests telling us to stop the protest, and that if I was truly pro-life, that I would support the work of this "incredible" organization!  Imagine my surprise!   The writer of the letter talked about her experience at PP between the ages of 16-22 and the many services she received for PAP smears, STD testing, yeast infections....and free birth control.  It seems to me that PP didn't really counsel her much on responsible behavior.  Enough said.

Here is a copy of her e-mail:


Here is a copy of my response:



     I don't know if this e-mail came from a real person, or if it is a made up name.  What I do know is that if the story is true about receiving all of those services related to sexual activity at such a young age, then Planned Parenthood did this girl a big disservice and so did those who were raising her.  Even if we were to defund Planned Parenthood today, and even if we were to make abortion illegal today, we have a long way to go in educating our youth and community about respect not only for other's lives, but for our own.  I'm not discouraged though.....LIFE is worth it.




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