Change for Life


bottle.jpg The “¢hange for Life” program is an easy activity that allows for donors to have a visible reminder of saving their pocket change and donating it to a good cause.  This is a great activity for whole churches, church groups, schools, scout groups or other youth groups.  This campaign can also be an ongoing year-round activity for any church, school or group to donate money to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio or to a local crisis pregnancy center.

    After obtaining approval from your pastor, principal, or organization leader, you  can begin this project in several ways.:

  • Purchase plastic baby bottles from a craft supplier at a relatively inexpensive cost.    We found suppliers locally and on line with prices varying from $.15 each to $.75 each.  Remember, these don’t have to be high quality.  You just have to purchase enough to supply your whole congregation, classroom, school or group.  (Right to Life of Northeast Ohio does have a limited supply of baby bottles which can be borrowed for this activity.)
  • Start a collection drive for used baby bottles through your church or school.  You don’t necessarily have to have baby bottles.  You can save small jars such as baby food jars or jelly jars, too.  Anything can work.  Put announcements in your bulletin or newsletter.
  • Some area grocery stores or other retail stores and offices may allow you to place a collection box for new or used baby bottles and jars at their location.  They may even allow you to create flyers to place in grocery bags.
  • Once you have all your bottles or jars collected, it is a good idea to make a label for them.  The labels don’t have to be anything fancy.  There just needs to be something to remind people to put their money in the bottle or jar.  Some groups in the past also made small notes or reminders to tape to the refrigerator or bathroom mirror to remember to put the money in.  Whether it be a label, notes or both, all should have the designated deadline for returning the filled bottle or jar.  You can decorate the bottles or jars with pink or blue curling ribbon….whatever you have the time or resources to do!   If this will be a school or club project, students can decorate their own jars as an activity or art project.  A page of sample labels follows this program description.
  • Arrange for bulletin announcements for at least one week prior to passing the jars out if this will be done in a church.  If this is done with a club or a classroom, perhaps a notice in a newsletter or a P.A. announcement might be all that is needed.
  • If this program is done in a church, have tables set up with volunteers at all  the church entrances so that members can pick up their bottle or jar after services on the designated date.  Likewise, have tables set up for the return date also.  Some pastors or ministers had the bottles or jars returned to the sanctuary area for display during services to create a visual impact, and to encourage praying for the sanctity of life.


If at all possible, deposit all the change to a bank account and write a single check to turn in with the coordinator report to Right to Life, or to give to a crisis pregnancy center  Keep all of your jars to re-use for the next “¢hange for Life” campaign.

Bulletin announcements, flyers, press releases and more are available.  For assistance, call our office at 330-762-2785. This program can be done any time of the year.


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