2018 Midterm Elections

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio does not have a political action committee (PAC), so according to IRS rules and regulations, we cannot endorse nor recommend candidates for political office.  What we CAN do, however, is point you to conservative organizations and websites who DO have PAC's, and that share our goals and views.  Some of these organizations do candidate comparisons on conservative issues, and others issue endorsements. 

Before visiting these other organizations or websites, we recommend that you read the following information:

10 Steps to Voting with a Clear Conscience*

  1. VOTE!  First, make sure you actually vote: voting is a moral obligation!
  2. KNOW THE CANDIDATES.  Be sure you know where the candidates stand on the issues.
  3. REJECT THE DISQUALIFIED.  If a candidate came forward and said, "I support terrorism," you wouldn't say, "I disagree with you on terrorism, but what's your health care plan?"  Similarly, those who permit the destruction of innocent life by abortion disqualify themselves from consideration.
  4. DISTINGUISH POLICY FROM PRINCIPLE.  Most disagreements between candidates and political platforms do not have to do with principle ("Is there a 'right to crime?'"), but rather with policy ("How do we reduce crime?'").  But the dispute over whether there is a right to life does deal with principle, and is therefore more fundamental.
  5. WEIGH OTHER ISSUES PROPERLY.  Not all issues have equal weight.  War, for example, may be morally justified, but abortion and euthanasia never are.
  6. KEEP YOUR LOYALTY FOCUSED ON GOD.  Your loyalty to God must be stronger than your loyalty to any political party.
  7. REMEMBER, THE PARTY MATTERS.***  Elections do not only put individual candidates into power; they put political parties into power.  Consider what the parties stand for, and how the outcome of the election affects the balance of power.
  8. DISTINGUISH "CHOOSING EVIL" FROM "LIMITING EVIL".  If two opposing candidates both support abortion, then ask: Which of the two candidates will do less harm to unborn children?  This is not "choosing the lesser of two evils," but rather choosing to limit an evil, and that is a good.
  9. SUPPORT THE CANDIDATE/ISSUE WITH MORE THAN A VOTE!  Additional activities include donating, volunteering for the campaign, handing out literature, making phone calls, using yard signs and bumper stickers, and praying!

*Adapted from "Voting With a Clear Conscience" by Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life



     Those who are pro-life are often accused of being "one issue" voters.  That is far from the truth.  The important thing to remember is the THE RIGHT TO LIFE COMES FIRST! If a human being is not allowed to be born, or if that life is terminated before  natural death, then none of the rest matters.  The individual political parties establish party platforms at their respective conventions during presidential election years.  Below is the excerpt from the party platforms regarding their views on right to life issues.   As you read the party platforms, keep in mind that far from being a one-issue organization, we do believe that we are to take care of the well being of ourselves and everyone else.  That means that:

YES!  We believe in taking care of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the homeless and more.

YES! We do care about the jobs and economic outlook.

YES! We do care about the quality of education in our schools.

YES! We do care about women and women's rights.

YES! We do care about ALL social justice issues and their impact on life.

     Right to Life of Northeast Ohio focuses our expertise and efforts on core issues concerned with morality and the right to life.  We network with many other organizations that focus on the quality of life and issues that go beyond the right to life.  However, we believe that if a candidate or party representative does not value the right to life first and foremost, then they will be suspect in the respect for human life on all other issues.

     Here are the major party platforms that were ratified in 2016.  Remember, when you vote for a candidate, you are voting for what that candidate's party believes:

Links to conservative pro-life organizations for candidate/issue information:



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